Serving Authentic
Korean Food

Han Il Kwan provide our guests with the finest dining experiences.
We offers the most authentic, delightful, and exceptionally crafted Korean cuisine.
Han Il Kwan will experience the best dining that you have never had before!

Han Il Kwan Specials

Chef Special $79.99

Chef selection prime quality meal for that particular day

Han Il Kwan Combo A $119.99

Saeng Deungsim / Yangnyeom Galbi / Kkotsal / Samgyeopsal / Chadolbagi / Kalguksu

Han Il Kwan Combo B $139.99

Saeng Deungsim / Yangnyeom Galbi / Kkotsal / Samgyeopsal / Chadolbagi / Kalguksu / Jumulleok

Han Il Kwan Combo c $149.99

Saeng Deungsim / Kkotsal / Yangnyeom Galbi / Chadolbagi / Samgyeopsal / / Shrimp / Vegetable / Kalguksu

Enjoy Your Meal

Grill your own meat table side at this Korean BBQ
Han Il Kwan is a Korean restaurant that serves a range of food and beverage items.
Call us at 770.457.3217 for the following services:

Private Rooms / Dining Service



  • Jean Tropical Shores
    Good Korean cuisine but I think they use MSG; once I got home I crashed on the couch for 1 hour which has not happened to me in decades. The service was slow and servers were "authentic", and not quite aclimated yet to customer service US style... Overall good experience solely based on the authenticity and taste of food.
    Jean Tropical Shores
  • Paula Anthony
    I always come here on Christmas day. The staff is all over the place but the food is soooo good that I kinda look over it.
    Paula Anthony
  • christine weatherspoon
    Best Korean Restaurant in Atlanta.
    christine weatherspoon
  • John Sabin
    Amazing flavors and wonderful service! The majority Korean patronage should speak for itself
    John Sabin